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My name is Charlie Sleiman. I am a father of 3 and a husband of 1. For as long as I can remember I have been slammed with a passion for creativity. In primary school, I was building things when I should’ve been reading things. In high school, I was focusing on making nunchucks and ninja stars (I secretly wanted to be a ninja) when I should’ve been making a mug holder and sandwich cutter. In my adult life, I studied audio engineering early on when I should’ve gotten a ‘real-job’. The consistency – creativity.

I play and teach guitar and just love taking photos whether I’m working or not.  

I started ZOOM images after my social posts spread like wildfire and people were asking me if I would capture their birthdays, their kids birthdays, their engagements, christenings and weddings almost anything.

I love creating those moments for people that they can look back on in a day, a week, 10 years time and just smile.

ZOOM images for me is just as much a creative outlet for me as it is about ensuring that every captured moment triggering an emotion of joy, happiness, fun and laughter.

Based in Sydney, NSW.

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