Confetti Fair® is a party ideas and planning source, a magazine, directory and blog (and more) all rolled into one!

It is a place where you can come to find creative ideas and planning advice for anyone with a love for parties! We offer DIYs, vendor information, real parties, inspo, magazines and more to help you create your vision!

About Confetti Fair

Confetti Fair was founded in 2012. You can read all about our business history here.

Confetti Fair® for Party Hosts

We cover every little detail to give you – the party host, the confidence to put together a fabulous party of your own. Whether it be a wedding reception, engagement party, first birthday or 50th wedding anniversary – any type of celebration that deserves a party, from DIY, access to vendors, styling to food (even party trends) – we cover it all!

Let us guide and inspire you and your next celebration!

Confetti Fair® for Party Vendors

We also love to support the party industry by inspiring your potential customers to have amazing celebrations. With both an online and offline presence, we offer creative marketing opportunities across print, face to face and digital. Our combination of fairs, workshops, social, online and magazine advertising opportunities means you can reach potential customers across all the mediums they’re using to plan their next event.


Confetti Fair is run by two sisters, Esther and Maria

Esther K

Role: Director, boss, super organiser, and admin star

About: Esther acquired Confetti Fair from founder Clare in October 2016, which she sought out of her love of anything to do with parties. Esther has a background as an account manager in online communications and media for listed companies. Previously, she also owned a styling business called – Sugarplum Station.

Four things she loves: Parties, her monster of a niece, her black labrador – ‘Ouzo’ and nuggets.

Four things she dislikes: Seagulls, BO, dirty dishes being left in the sink and coffee.

Something you don’t know about Esther: She has three names(and goes by all three daily) – Anastasia (baptismal name), Soula (name called all her life by friends and family) and Esther (official paperwork and work).

Maria A

Role: Digital marketing, creative, dreamer, software nerd

About: Maria is the creative and digital one in the Confetti mix! Maria is a digital marketing dinosaur with 15 years of experience. She also has a background in magazine publishing

Four things she loves: Parties, family, house music and Apple devices.

Four things she dislikes: Chores, summer, large crowds and Sydney traffic

Something you don’t know about Maria: She is also a self-taught designer and illustrator after dropping out of graphic design school.

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party ideas and planning source, About Us

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