It’s not uncommon for party ideas to follow current trends. One emerging trend in recent years is the prioritisation of healthier lifestyle choices among people. 60% of consumers worldwide say that the pandemic has made them more conscious of preventing health problems by leading a healthy lifestyle in the long term. In turn, 73% of survey respondents said they plan to eat and drink more healthily. Consumers are also developing an increasingly holistic understanding of good nutrition, not just for weight loss but for other aspects of our physical and mental health.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that parties should stop being fun and entertaining. There are ways to get friends and loved ones involved in one’s health journey. Even modern weight loss programs today centre on one’s social circle, family, and cultural traditions to influence diet and exercise habits. We can stay inspired and accountable by working together towards positive health and weight goals.

With the right party planning and an eye for health-centric activities, supportive friends can throw parties for health- and diet-conscious loved ones without compromising fun, memorability, and joy. Below, we’ll look at some party planning ideas for the health-conscious:

, Party Planning Ideas for the Health-Conscious

Choosing health-appropriate venues

As with planning for other parties, choosing the right venue that can accommodate the health-centred activities you have planned for the party is essential. Recently, spa and wellness studios and centres have become popular venues for health-conscious Christmas parties. On top of having wellness facilities to cater to the health-conscious, some of these studios may offer personalised extras such as healthy foods and beverages.

Of course, if spas and saunas aren’t your thing, you can always look for more flexible venues that allow other health and wellness party activities, like venues with large open spaces or outdoor gardens. After all, what’s important is ensuring that the partygoers are comfortable and having fun.

Serving healthy menu items

Venue aside, another key component of your health-conscious party is a healthy menu to match. In a previous post on planning small social gatherings, we highlighted the importance of bespoke cocktail and food offerings. Just as you would name signature cocktails and menu items after your guest of honour or personality, you can also prioritise healthy party foods that cater to your guests’ tastes and dietary restrictions.

Serving up healthy food doesn’t mean you have to put the whole party on a strict diet regimen. Instead of store-bought chips and dips, for example, consider Greek feta dip or blueberry salsa for more nutrients. You also don’t have to skip desserts. Instead, look into no-bake treats like key lime cream pie or banana crumb pudding.

Planning healthy group activities

Finally, now that you’ve got the venue and food down, you’ll want health-centric group activities — or party games — that fit the theme. Thankfully, most party games and activities involve some sort of group physical activity, so you’ve got half the work cut out for you. Even parties involving families and children can be made healthy with backyard party games that keep everyone moving, like DIY obstacle courses or a good old scavenger hunt.

You can also look into more wellness-inspired activities for the more refined partygoers. In our section on venues, we mentioned spa and wellness studios. These are great for group spa sessions to keep everyone healthy and engaged. You could also set up group hikes or walks that lead to the eventual party and food.

Ultimately, no party is impossible to plan — even healthier ones. Keeping your guests and their health in mind means you don’t have to skimp on delicious food and beautiful venues. Your friends and loved ones will appreciate the health boost, and it’s a great, wholesome way of getting everyone together to have some healthy fun.


, Party Planning Ideas for the Health-Conscious