1. I am looking for a vendor for my next party. Can you help?

Yes, we most certainly can help! We have a directory on our website here which includes amazing vendors from across Australia who will most definitely be able to help you with your next party. If you can’t find who you are looking for, then give us a shout at

2. I am planning a party, where can I find inspo?

Well, you are definitely on the right website if you need some inspiration for your next party. Our blog, mini mags and social media are jam-packed with inspo. Check also check out the Real Parties section of the website.

3. Do you have a print magazine?

We did, yes, but not anymore.
Unfortunately, due to the modern world of everything and everyone moving to digital we have now ceased our print magazine production as the printing costs were very high and demand had decreased. We produced seven beautiful issues of our print magazine and Issue 7 was released in December 2017. If you would like to purchase a copy of our beauties, then head to our shop.

Whilst there are no plans to release another print mag at this time or any time soon, we have not ruled out considering print later in the future.

4. When are your online magazines released?

Our Mini Mags, as we like to call our online magazines, are released four times a year. Our October issue is usually a special edition.

March – Easter edition
July – Winter edition
October – Special Edition
December- Christmas

Check out our Mini Mags here.

5. How do I submit my party for a blog feature?

To submit a feature with Confetti Fair please fill out our Submit a Party form and if your party is accepted, we will get back to you within 2–4 weeks of receiving your submission.

6. How do I submit my party for a magazine feature?

Same as above, however, you will be notified with a quicker response regardless of whether your party has been approved or not.

Don’t forget to select ‘magazine’ when asked where you want to be featured. You can download full magazine submission guidelines here.

6. Can I submit a party that has been published elsewhere?

Yes and No.  If you would like your submission to be considered for our blog or social then your content does not need to be exclusive. We do prefer exclusivity around styled shoots though. If you would like to have your submission featured in our Mini Mag, then NO. Any magazine feature cannot be shared anywhere online (including social media pages) until the release of the Mini Mag. Any submissions for the magazine shared prior to release will be rejected.


7. I am planning a photoshoot and need some help finding vendors to collaborate, any ideas?

Yes, check out our Collab page for all the help you need with your photoshoot.

8. How can I subscribe to receive your news?

You can subscribe to all our news and newsletters and more here.

9. How do I join your directory?

It’s so easy to join our amazing Directory, pop over to the Advertise page of the website or contact us at

10. How can I advertise with you?

It’s so easy, head over to our Advertise page for all the details or email us at

11. Can I get copies of print mag back issues to display in my studio/warehouse/party shop?

Most definitely! We offer a special deal for those with party shops and studios which are visited by customers. Please get in touch with the name of your business by sending an email to