Mini Mag

Confetti Fair produces 4 issues of our party planning and party inspiration mini mag during the year. This includes Easter, Winter, Christmas and an annual special edition focusing on a particular theme, released in October every year.

Party Planning Magazine – Online Mini Mag

Our mini mag is full of real parties, weddings, kids parties, DIY ideas, recipes and more.

If you would like to advertise, submit a party, contribute to styled shoots or advertise in the mini mag, please send us an email

Mini mags are available as digital editions online via Issuu. Best of all, they’re always completely free for you to read! See below for all our mini-mags.

Read the mini mag online

Issue: Mini Mag 1 - Summer 2017

Issue: Mini Mag 2 - Christmas 2017

Issue: Mini Mag 3 - Easter 2018

Issue: Mini Mag 4 - Winter 2018

Issue: Mini Mag 5 - Halloween Special Edition

Issue: Mini Mag 6 - Christmas 2018

Issue: Mini Mag 7 - Easter 2019

Issue: Mini Mag 8 - Winter 2019