Coronavirus update – v

How is everyone doing out there? Hopefully safe and protected and not stockpiling!

2020 has been a weird one and its only March! We started off rather quietly as we had a rough few months at the end of 2019. Then with the bushfires and floods we have been feeling a little bit guilty about posting and doing everything we love doing with Confetti Fair as so many suffered.

And now… just when we were ready to come back bigger and better well COVID-19 is upon us 🙁

We have seen vendors already being impacted by COVID-19 with party cancellations, rescheduling and no new bookings. We have also seen some very upset tiny humans confused as to why their party cannot go ahead and also upset families who have worked hard to plan these parties. We all know that these decisions were made for the safety and protection of all.

Like many of us we do not know what the next few weeks or months will bring us but what we do know is that when all this passes it’s going to be go, go, go with people rescheduling parties, booking events that were cancelled and really just wanting to celebrate the months that have passed. During this time we know that the impact to your small business will be tough. As mentioned on our social post earlier, at Confetti Fair, we want to help you keep your spirit up by continuing to showcase parties and just how amazing our industry is. We regularly get messages from followers telling us how much they enjoy seeing the parties we showcase, so it makes sense.

Confetti Fair plans for 2020

We will be postponing the next release of our mini-mag (Easter). At this stage our Winter issue is still on the cards (July). As we are almost ready to release a 2020 Party Trends guide, we will be releasing this but renaming it to the 2020/21 Party Trends Guide. Any plans for further workshops or collaborations are also on hold.

We will be continuing to blog, post on social media, improve our website and directory so vendors can connect to potential customers and also be available to anyone who needs an ear, some help or advice or simply wants to vent.

Subscriber vendor update

In order to help you during this time, we’ll be running a ‘Bookmark this Vendor’ campaign in April. This will comprise of a social post on Instagram and Facebook showcasing your business, reminding customers to save a vendor’s details for when the outbreak is over. This campaign is free to all past and present subscribers as a thank you of your support to us. We will be in touch to get the details over the next 2 weeks.

We also encourage everyone (especially subscribers) to submit party blogs where possible, as they have become a very popular aspect of our site with our audience.

For those of you featured in United States of Party, we are producing an infographic with all the stats which will be released shortly. We only recently finished posting all of the parties on social media. The reason we decided to draw it out is that we wanted to maintain our level of engagement and we found that the algorithm was not responding to the repeated hashtags we were using.

We have been in the process of updating our subscriber plans. We’ll be in touch about this over the next 2 weeks too.


Given the current advice, we are hoping that people will still continue to host parties in a careful manner so your businesses can continue to function without disruption. We have put together a little guide here with some tips on how to survive Coronavirus here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Esther & Maria