I love baking and making sweets, and I am pretty good at it (I feel I have to boast here as my cooking skills are shocking so have to proud of something I can do in the kitchen), but every now and then I bite off more than I can chew. That day came when I thought I would put on a grand High Tea for Mothers Day. I had organised to make cookies, cheesecakes, little gourmet sandwiches and pretty marbled chocolates like the ones I had seen beautifully displayed on Nectar & Stone’s Instagram page.

So I set about getting my mould and some yummy chocolate, but I needed oil based food colouring to colour the chocolate. Sadly my local store didn’t have them so I thought I would make a tiny ganache type chocolate in the colours I actually wanted – surely that would work?

After the colours were made I poured them in to my mould ever so carefully and waited. And waited. And waited. They never set, they never had that lovely shiny finish to them. They never made it to the High Tea party. (They did however make it to my mouth, despite how they looked they were yummy!).

Oh how did it go so wrong?? I could bake great cookies, I could nail the creative cake – so why, oh why could I not nail these chocolates? Pretty sure the other’s were thinking the exact same thing…

a Nailed it biscuits cat in the hat caterpillar crayons duck cake pops Mermaid cake minions unicorn

, Nailed it! (not)