When it comes to weddings it can be extremely stressful to find ideas for themes. If you’re stuck for ideas, look no further than a roaring twenties inspired wedding. This theme can range from outfits, colours, and materials to music, and accessories.

Here’s a little inspo to help you get started on preparing personalised design plans and colour palettes for your very own roaring twenties wedding celebration.

, A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo

Dresses that Dance Through Time

The biggest thing you will consider first is, of course, your dress and accompanying bridesmaids outfits. You may opt for a vintage wedding dress, something that runs in the family, or a brand new dress with 1920s flare. If you want the dress to match the theme, consider finding a dress with drop-waisted silhouettes, beading, fringes or feathers. The 1920s silhouette is very specific and can be difficult to reflect so you may opt for getting a dress that flatters your figure instead of a classic 1920s look.

Whether or not you want to nail this silhouette, to perfect whatever silhouette you aim for it is important to consider shapewear to accentuate your features as well. To feel both beautiful and comfortable on your big day, do some in-store bra fittings after buying your dress to emphasise the specific silhouette you’re aiming for. This ensures you can enjoy yourself without worrying about bra slip ups, showing straps or honeymoon back pains.

For your bridesmaids dresses, you may consider some modern interpretations of classic 1920s dresses for you and your bridesmaids. Coordinating well will look beautiful in wedding photos, which will be a memorable keepsake down the track.

, A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo

Grooms & Groomsmen in Style

To truly nail the 1920s theme, coordinating everyone’s outfits is vital. Exploring the 1920s style will mean exploring 1920s style waist cinching tuxedos and vests, and of course the iconic suspenders. This can be thrifted or even custom made to really fit the theme. For groomsmen, where you need multiple outfits, it may be easier to get custom made outfits, to prevent it looking tacky. Similarly to the dresses, you can discover modern takes on these looks with bolder patterns and playful accessories such as an antique watch or a giant cigar.

, A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo

The Spirit of the Era

To dive into the glamorous and decadent vibes of the 1920’s, the aesthetic elements and music need to fit the bill. 1920s art deco will almost steal the spotlight as statement pieces to bring together your venue. This will be most appropriate at an outdoor venue, as you can hang framed posters and art from, or drawing inspiration from the 1920s. However, if you opt for an outdoor venue, there are other ways to reflect a 1920s vibe. 

For example, music is a good way to display a theme. Hiring a jazz band that can do 1920s music is a great way to do this. This also means you can do 1920s inspired first dances to integrate the theme.  

, A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo

Color Palettes for Your Gatsby Dream

Exploring colour combinations that were popular in the 1920s is another way to fit the theme. This can be integrated into different parts of the wedding, such as accessories, ornaments, light fittings, jewellery, cutlery and more. Some popular colour combinations include black and gold, blush and ivory and emerald and pearl. A black and gold colour theme may be difficult to achieve for dresses, as you will typically wear a white dress. However, the contrast of the black will make your dress stand out even more, creating a showstopping look!

Some bolder options for colour palettes are jewel tones, metallics and vibrant pops of colour. Themes with bright colours can be difficult to implement, as it can be difficult to coordinate a complicated theme with bright colours, especially with outfits. You may choose to keep the setting a classic white and add a pop of colour to the outfits. Or, you may even keep classically subtle coloured outfits with one or two bright colours in the setting for contrast.

Ultimately, colour choice is up to personal preference. Make sure to choose a palette that you believe looks good and also reflects you and your partners’ personal styles, and fits the venue.


Accessories & Accents

Accessories and accents are the vital finishing touches that will make or break your chosen theme. Accessories can take a wedding from having a beach venue to a tropical hawaiian summer style wedding. For outfit accessories, headbands, feathers, pearls and gloves will make perfect outfit accessories to add to the dress code. For the couple getting married, vintage jewellery, pocket squares and boutonnieres will make a unique outfit.

Candles, curtain tassels and feathers make for the perfect add ons to your wedding to add some 1920s flare. If you decide on a black and gold theme, gold candle holders, curtain tassels and cutlery will be the perfect way to express this theme though smaller details. Of course, no 1920s themed wedding is complete without way too many giant feathers in your hair and in the decorations, so don’t shy away from a beautiful feathered table centrepiece!


Overall, these tips should help you to perfect your 1920s style wedding and have an absolutely fabulous night!

, A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo , A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo , A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo , A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo

, A Roaring Twenties Wedding: Palettes, Patterns, & Outfits Inspo