Little Maebel’s 1st Cute Kitten first Birthday party was inspired by her mum Nicole who has always had a love of cats. In Nicole’s words “both Maebel and I love our cat Ishka” and what better way to celebrate than by being surrounded by the things you love.

Gorgeous Maebel was dressed for her party in a cat-face dress along with matching kitty cat shoes and ear headband whilst Nicole even got into the
theme by wearing her own kitty cat face shoes!

When each guest arrived, they were greeted with a sign ‘Welcome to the pawty…don’t forget to take your ears and kitten collar’. Under the sign were
little cat ear headbands and ‘collars’ made out of bells threaded onto ribbon.
Guests were then lead to the main party table via large cat paws which were actually doormats found at a local store. The table was flagged by two
bunches of balloons with cardboard cat ears and whiskers on a few of the balloons to make them look like cat faces. At the front on the table was a garland of light balls covered in pink string (cats love playing with balls of string) alternating with little cat face pegs holding images of Maebel from her first year. At the centre of the table was the adorable cat cake made by Nicole’s sister which was topped with a wreath of silk flowers.

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Kitten themed milk bottles for a cat themed party
Cute little kitten-themed milk bottles
Fish shaped treats for a kitten themed party
Little fish shaped treats. How clever!
Sushi and matching kitten noodle boxes
Sushi and matching noodle boxes

Pink kitten themed balloons

Kitten themed cake
Kitten themed cake
Kitten themed dessert table
The dessert table   
Sign for a kitten themed first birthday party
Welcome to the ‘Pawty’!

kitten first birthday, A cute little kitten first birthday celebration

kitten first birthday, A cute little kitten first birthday celebration