, Plant as a Gift for Your Loved Ones Is Always a Good Choice

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You would think that buying gifts for the people you love is an easy task – but for people that have been in your life for a long time, after a while, it can be daunting. Why? Because in the meantime there’s been 15 birthdays, 10 anniversaries, 1 graduation, and 3 surprises in your relationship. Naturally, at one point, you will run out of ideas, so you are in desperate need of a good suggestion and that’s where we swoop in. Plants sound so basic, but it’s all the opposite if you put a little thought into the purpose of the plant. Keep reading for tips on how to make plants the best gift ever.

They show someone you really know them

You can’t just go with whatever plant you see first. If you choose the right plant, you will make someone you love feel special because you’ll show them you know them well enough to nail their gift choice. For example, if someone doesn’t like watering plants – air plants like tillandsia are a perfect fit. For people that don’t like simple decor, there are a lot of plants like Christmas cactus that have red blossoms so they make a colorful decor for their living room. For tree lovers – a bonsai tree is always a good idea. When you enter the plant world, you’ll see that the options are limitless.

Plants are not only for living rooms

Potted plants are not your only option. In Australia, people are a lot more creative when it comes to gifting plants. A piece of an exotic tree is something no one ever buys for themselves and that’s why it falls into the category of the best gift ever. There’s an amazing online shop for plant gifts in Sydney where you can order olive, pomegranate, or lemon trees for your loved ones if they have a garden. Just a few fruit trees can make a simple garden feel just like Eden – just be careful around apples.

, Plant as a Gift for Your Loved Ones Is Always a Good Choice

Delivery is always a nice surprise – and it suits your budget

Shopping and the ritual of gifting can sometimes be really stressful. Yes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – but only when the shopping part is over. The key to a non-stressful life is a good organizational plan, and when you choose to give someone a plant, that’s easy to make. Once you think about what plant is best for your loved one (go back to the second paragraph if you forgot how), there are a lot of ways to order online and pay for delivery to your loved ones’ houses. That’s not only a good surprise but a thing less for you to think about. Also, you can find a plant for every budget, that’s the beauty of nature – she really is a nurturing mother.

Herbs are also plants

When we watch Jamie Oliver’s shows and see how he just takes the missing ingredients from his window frame we think: “Yeah right, that’s how that works.“ Well, if you have an excellent gift-giver in your life, that’s exactly how it works. If your loved one is a foodie or a Taurus (which is basically the same), herbs are a perfect gift. You can find chili peppers, rosemary, mint, basil, oregano, and parsley in small pots so they can fit into every kitchen. Build-your-own farmer’s market is a great gift for every food lover that enjoys making homemade meals for their friends.

Gift that keeps on giving

Imagine in 10 years sitting under a tree you bought as a gift for your loved one. You stand up, pick a couple of lemons, and then realize – if you give someone a lemon tree, you’ll drink lemonade for the rest of your life. That’s why plants are a great gift – they just keep on giving.

, Plant as a Gift for Your Loved Ones Is Always a Good Choice