Last month, the team at Decorati hosted their very first school holiday workshop for 2019. The event was hosted at Carnes Hill Community Centre and the theme was Easter kids in the kitchen‘.

The workshop began with the team handing out aprons, Chef hats and recipe cards to each child. An introduction to the fresh ingredients and materials they were using was also given.

All the kids had a blast whilst developing their cooking knowledge and skills by slicing vegetables, ham and cheese to making tortilla wraps.

This process, Carla Filipakis, director of Decorati says, allows the children to “learn the importance and value of eating whole foods (instead of processed foods) by preparing their lunch from scratch”.

Creativity with food was also explored. The children got to make a bunny rice cake using rice cakes, yoghurt, fruits and vegetables. “Children will try to eat their fruit and vegetables if they explore it in a fun way”, Carla continues. In addition, “the children are learning basic cooking skills that help strengthen and develop their small muscle control, as well as hand and eye coordination”.

The class ended with the children lining up at the waffle and cookie station. They got to squeeze their favourite toppings on to their waffles, including caramel and chocolate sauce, and decorate with berries and sprinkles to finish. “It was so much fun. I loved the waffles”, said Samuel, aged 11.

Carla concluded “the kids were so well behaved. It was great, I love hosting large kid events”.

Decorati run a varierty of kids party services, workshops and corporate events, as well as early childhood and primary school incursions. You can follow Decorati on Instagram to stay in touch and find out about more school holiday workshops: @decorati_kids_


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