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Amber helps cake lovers and decorators (just like you) to create AMAZING cakes with confidence, that spark your creativity! She recently spoke to us about the do’s and dont’s of baking your party cakes, which we have compiled into this awesome list of tips for creating the perfect party cake! Over to you, Amber! 

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Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Party Cake

It’s an exciting rush diving into party planning for your own celebration! However taking that extra leap to create your own cake – whether that be for a birthday or even an engagement – can be a little overwhelming

Let me help you feel more confident in the kitchen. Here are some big cake do’s and don’ts to ensure your celebration cake is a big success!


DON’T: Leave your baking to the last minute – you’ll be in a rush, cut corners and you ultimately won’t be happy with the finished product.

DO: Make your cake and icings in advance to save on time leading up to the party. Simply pop it in the freezer and defrost the day before. So many cake decorators freeze their cakes and icings, so ignore those freezer-naysayers! Would you believe me if I told you it actually makes the cake more moist?


DON’T: Bake from scratch if you aren’t confident with baking. It’s stressful!

DO: Take advantage of packet mixes or pre-made cakes – this saves you time and the headache of trying to bake that perfect cake. I promise that your guests won’t think any less of you!


DON’T: Decorate with warm or room temperature cake, as it’s very fragile. The cake will be very soft, which means it’s tricky to handle and prone to cake breakage. Additionally, placing icing on a warm cake is a recipe for disaster!

DO: Decorate with chilled cakes for stability and less crumbs in your icing. For chilled cake layers, pop your cakes in the fridge for at least 2 hours before decorating.


DON’T: Stack domed cake layers on top of each other – the cake will be uneven, unstable and inevitably start to lean.

DO: Trim your cake layers flat before stacking and icing your cake.

DON’T: Place your cake in direct sunlight or in a hot space – we don’t want all of your hard work melting away and falling apart!

DO: Keep your cake in a cool (and in some cases, dry) climate. If the party is outdoors, place the cake outside just before guests arrive. If it’s sunny outside, make sure you keep your cake in a shaded area.


I hope these cake-tips help you to sweeten your skills so you can create the perfect cake for your next party!

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Creating the Perfect Party Cake, 10 Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Party Cake