There are many advantages to listing your party business to an online directory, far beyond the possibility of leveraging traffic from the directory itself. If you have been thinking about advertising on an online party directory, here are some reasons to consider.


Taking advantage of the directory’s traffic

This is the most obvious reason for joining a directory  – as a source of direct traffic. This means a relevant directory’s website visitors can find your business and thus send leads or customers to your site, and help you worry less about site traffic generation.

A directory offers advertising with a relatively low cost

Unlike most digital advertising formats, with directories, you don’t pay per impression or click. It is a static cost so even when the site’s traffic metrics improve, your cost stays the same (unless there is a price increase, of course). 

You can leverage indirect traffic search traffic from the directory

Direct traffic comes from your listing, but when a website you are listed on ranks highly for a relevant search term, and your business also appears on that page, you can also see some indirect traffic as well. For example, for the search term ‘diy streamer installation‘, our article comes up number 1. Thus if your business was featured on this page, you would likely see traffic coming from this page to your site.

online party directory, 5 benefits of listing your business to an online party directory

Listing on a few directories will help your brand awareness

With approximately 50% (Confetti Fair 2018 survey) of party planners starting their supplier search on Google and directories, having your brand on a few of these sites will help audiences cement awareness of your product and offering. 

Directories help you gain backlinks

Quite simply, Google loves links (known as backlinks in SEO). It loves them so much, that when you’re listed on a high ranking site, your own sites’ ranking improves too. The more links, the better!

Bonus tip!

List in as many directories you can, including local ones. Make sure you keep your details up to date. You’ll find many that are low cost, especially if they don’t offer the bells and whistles of the larger sites.

Download the printable PDF here. 

online party directory, 5 benefits of listing your business to an online party directory