If you’re a recent arrival in Australia, and looking to start an event related business, you might be wondering what resources are available to help you get started on your journey. The event and party planning industry has grown exponentially over the last few years, and is increasingly becoming a lucrative source of income for many women and mums of all backgrounds. Australia’s multicultural social fabric also allows for many opportunities to gain customers, as diverse and traditional celebrations, milestones and rituals begin to gain mainstream awareness.

To help you in your research, here are 8 resources you might wish to check out as you embark on your event business journey as a recent migrant.

Government Information

Depending what kind of Visa or residency you hold, it might be a good idea to check government regulations around operating a business as a recent migrant. The website of the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs is a good place to start.

Business Basics

The Australian government also has plenty of worthwhile information about the kind of preparation and research you need to conduct before starting your business. This includes information on business plans, SWOT analysis and more. Check out business.gov.au

Registration Process

You should be aware of what type of business you wish to run (most likely sole trader), and also of your name and basic category. Once you have that information make sure you go ahead and register your business name, as well as apply for an ABN or GST, if eligible. It’s always wise to check in with professionals such as accountants or solicitors for specific information though. You can start your journey for more information via asic.gov.au

Look into Grants for Migrant Businesses

If you are a business owner who is a migrant, there are grants available to help you get started. The Australian government offers a number of grants and assistance programs for businesses, including those owned by migrants. Just search ‘migrant business grants’ to get started.

Develop your Digital Strategy

Investing in a digital strategy is a huge benefit to your business and a great vehicle to propel your growth. The business.gov.au website has a wealth of information to get you started.

Learn About the Industry

Get yourself involved with the event and party planning industry and learn more about marketing techniques and tips specific to the industry. Confetti Collab is a hub for party and event vendors.

You can search for collab, job and feature opportunities as well as find social media and digital marketing insights to help your new business.

 Engvid.com – Free YouTube Channel for English Learning

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English Class 101

English Class 101 video tutorials help people gain the best knowledge in English with fast speaking efficiency. The interesting online teachers are jovial, amicable and polite.

The event and party planning industry is a fun, interesting and profitable industry to start your business in as a new migrant to Australia. Conduct your thorough research to prepare for it and you should start seeing success in no time!


, 8 Resources to Help Recent Migrants Start an Event Business