Today we are heading across the pond to New Zealand, and handing it over to Jordan Utupo of Little Celebrations NZ, who recently hosted an epic 90’s themed party for her gorgeous two year old.
You can tell it was a theme close to the heart. Whether it was the music, the movies or the colours, the 90’s are definitely Jordan’s thing! Parties with passion always have that special spark. The party definitely had a very authentic feel – from the pops of colour, all the way through to the ample signage that was made to resemble graffiti tagging. More importantly, looks like little Nyah had an amazing time!
Apart from the bright colours, some of the recurring motifs also included proper graffiti art (on the backdrop and personalised gear), disco balls, and ghetto blasters. We especially loved the throwback lyric references on the backdrop. We are, after all, children of the 90’s ourselves!
Nyah’s Two Legit to Quit!
We threw it back to the 90’s with a cool block party for our little girl! She absolutely loves music and ice cream – so thats what she got! Ice cream sundaes, slushies, a selfie booth, a candy graze and a huge princess bouncy castle too! Nyah celebrated 90’s style! #twolegittoquit
Decorations at a 90's themed block party.
Streamer wall and candy graze featured at Nyah’s 90’s block party.
Two year old girl celebrating her birthday
The gorgeous birthday girl suitable attired – right down to those timeless Converse!
The birthday girl in her demin jacker
Little Nyah’s custom jacket referenced everybody’s favourite 90’s sitcom!
Colourful streamer wall
The colourful streamer wall behind the candy graze was created by Dream Catcher Events NZ
Dessert table for a 90s party
The dessert table featured an awesome chocolate cake that sat on top of a pink ghetto blaster.
Donut wall and bar
2018 meets 1998 with this donut wall!
Ice cream cart
There was even an ‘Ice Scream’ cart!
Jumbo jumping castle
Is this the biggest Cinderella jumping castle ever?
Kids table 90s party
Awesome favour boxes completed the look
Nyah and her cousin at her party
Nyah and her cousin – these kids are way to cool for school!
Nyah and her mummy and daddy
Nyah with her mummy and daddy – even they got in on the fun!
90s party set up
The set up
90's party table setting
90’s party table setting. The boxes and plates were from Ruby Rabbit
Personalised chocolate bars
Yummy personalised chocolate bars made to match the theme.
The graffiti wall
The graffiti wall photo and selfie area
Sushie machines
There was even some old school slushes!
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, Two Legit to Quit: a 90’s Block Party!