Today I have decided to put together a blog post sharing some of the best party and event planning podcasts I have come across. I decided to do this because I love learning and knowledge. I am, in fact, a hoarder of many things including information (both useful and not).

Most of these are US based, but you will find a few Aussie ones in there too. Also, a lot of them are mainly wedding podcasts. They are quite prevalent, but I feel that information is more transferable to parties than large scale corporate event planning (but still relevant).

party and event planning podcasts, 5 party and event planning podcasts to follow

Our 5 fave party and event planning podcasts to follow

Confetti Fair Meets the Maker

Of course, we would pop our podcast on this list! This is Australia’s first and only party and event planning industry podcast.  We host a different party vendor each episode where we engage in frank discussions about business challenges, inspiration and more.

Listen to The Confetti Fair Meets the Maker Podcast here

The Business of Baking

This is a US-based podcast, but is hosted by an Aussie and the information is very transferable. It covers interesting topics such as how many cake flavours to offer, to ideas to increase your revenue stream.

Listen to The The Business of Baking Podcast here

Be Fabbo: A Wedding Industry Podcast

This is very US leaning, but I found the episode on SEO helpful, and they also cover some interesting topics in their conversations.

Listen to The Be Fabbo: A Wedding Industry Podcast here

The South Coast Wedding Podcast

This is a consumer-focused podcast, but the relevance here is that it covers areas that are very likely concerns that would be held by your potential customers.

Listen to The South Coast Wedding Podcast here

The Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast

This one has topics very appealing to owners of event business, especially around growth. I enjoyed the ‘realness’ of this one, especially one episode that spoke about ‘giving the middle finger to the hustle’.

Listen to The Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast here

The Business of Making

The challenges faced by a handmade business are very similar to the challenges faced by a lot of party vendors in the ‘business of making’, especially those making custom decor items.  It also covers some good digital topics. This podcast is hosted by the Maker Mavens, Australia’s foremost handmade sellers and bloggers.

Listen to The Business of Making podcast here.

So there you have it, a nice, well-rounded list of party and event industry podcasts covering topics from digital marketing to dealing with customers, to pricing.

Make sure you head off and save these lists in iTunes, Sticher, Castbox or wherever else you listen to your podcast content!

PS. We would love to chunk up this list with some local content, so please reach out if you run an Aussie podcast!

– Maria

party and event planning podcasts, 5 party and event planning podcasts to follow