That elusive problem – how to get the Instagram stories music sticker – I’ve been hunting it for months! About 4 months ago, I had it for about 2 days before it was taken away, and then this month, it popped up again. I had no idea why, but I finally put it together after reading about this issue on a blog I follow, Smartphone Marketing School. No Instagram music sticker – problem solved!

How do I fix the missing Instagram stories music sticker problem?

If you have a music sticker on your personal account but not your business account, there may be one small setting you need to flick to fix it.

You’ll need to switch to an Instagram ‘Creator’ account. These were rolled out earlier this year, and the option is in the same place as the option to switch back to a personal account.

After reading the blog above, I realised that this is exactly what I did last week before getting the music sticker. I switched my account from a ‘Business Account’ to a ‘Creator Account’.

This is probably the exact same reason why I got the music sticker a few months ago. When Instagram rolled out the Creator accounts/profiles earlier in the year, I switched our account over. Creator accounts, however, cannot connect to scheduling apps (we used Buffer for scheduling, and it stopped working when I changed to a Creator profile). That is why I changed back to a business profile (and when I probably lost music). Since then, Facebook has rolled out native scheduling for Instagram (meaning we no longer need Buffer) so now we are free to use Creator profiles again.

Here is where you find the setting to change to a Creator account/profile:

The music sticker won’t appear right away apparently. It will likely appear in a day or two. You can find out the difference between creator and business profiles here.

No Instagram music sticker – problem solved!

There is one possible catch that might prevent this from working  – Creator profiles might not be available for everyone just yet.

Did this work for you? Please let me know – DM me via Instagram


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No Instagram music sticker - problem solved, No Instagram music sticker – problem solved (Nov 2019)