A few years ago, planning a vegan bridal shower, let alone a vegan wedding, might have been a tricky business. But these days vegan events are far more commonplace – trendy even – and so organising your own vegan wedding, or planning an event for a vegan bride-to-be, is nowhere near as complicated as you might expect.

There are so many vegan options around these days that you no longer have to make compromises when planning a plant-based bridal shower. But even with the popularity of a vegan diet, and understanding of veganism being so much more advanced, there are still a few potential speed bumps on the road to a great vegan event. As with any aspect of wedding planning, there are lots of things to think about, and there are still one or two tricky elements to organising a vegan bridal shower that might surprise you.

So whether you are planning your wedding on a cruise or looking forward to a traditional church wedding surrounded by friends and family, don’t let veganism be one of the things that concerns you when it comes to organising your bridal shower. Here are a few tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you plan the perfect plant-based bridal shower.


Unsurprisingly, food choices are probably the biggest and most significant part of planning any event, and so getting the food right for your vegan bridal shower is crucial. Your menu will need to be 100% plant-based, so that means no meat, no dairy, no seafood, and even for some vegans no honey. However, these restrictions absolutely do not mean that your menu has to be boring! There are some really exciting, creative vegan finger food options around, and the chance to think outside the box a little can actually make your bridal shower dining options more interesting! The key things to remember are to avoid pastry (butter is a no-no), and remember that eggs and milk often turn up in surprising places. Stick to plant-based options, or research some vegan alternatives to swap in, and you’ll be amazed at the delicious options that you discover!


Making sure that drinks are vegan is something that a lot of people don’t give too much thought to – after all, how can there be meat in your cocktails? But some wines, beers, and even spirits use animal products during the brewing process, so it is worth checking your drinks choices before you order anything. Barnivore is a great website that lets you know how vegan various brands are, so make sure you do your research before putting in that wine order!


After doing all the hard work organising a plant-based menu and making sure your drinks are all free of animal products, don’t make the faux-pas of giving out non-vegan party favors or gifts. While most people know not to give a leather bag as a gift to a vegan, you might think about that silk lingerie or that scented candle in the same way. While there are plenty of beauty products that are cruelty-free these days, there are also sadly many that aren’t, so pampering gifts can be a minefield. One way to avoid this is to suggest that guests donate to charity instead of bringing physical gifts.


If you are planning or attending a vegan bridal shower, you’ll want to dress to impress, and that means a totally cruelty-free outfit. While some brides won’t be as strict as others, it makes sense to err on the side of caution, so avoid leather, silk, and even wool if you want to be 100% vegan-friendly. You might also want to consider a wider interpretation of ethical attire – after all if you are aiming to save the planet through veganism you might as well go one step further!


Finally, decorations are all too often single-use or damaging to the environment, and to be really considerate as a vegan it is vital to give this some thought as well. Don’t go with streamers, party poppers, or plastic decorations, and try to find reusable alternatives to decorate with.

Vegan events don’t have to be complicated, or even a big deal. With a few simple tweaks you can plan an amazing plant-based shower that both vegans and non-vegans will love!


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