We all know that props make parties more epic. They add to your theme and compliment your decor nicely.

This DIY speaker prop is so easy to make and can be used for plenty of different themes such as disco parties, 80s or 90s parties, festival themed parties or even disco parties!

What you’ll need

– Speaker illustration
– Several empty boxes sized around A4, A3, A2 on one side.
– Black duct tape
– Black contact paper or paint
– Glue or double sided tape

Steps to make the DIY speaker props.

1. Find or create an image of the front of a speaker. It doesn’t need to be too detailed. Just a black rectangle with a few white circles. You can buy our image here.

2. Print the speaker illustrations in a variety of sizes. I try to do A4, A3 and maybe A2, depending on what size boxes I have. It doesn’t matter if they don’t fit exactly. They still look pretty authentic!

3. Paint or cover your box in the self adhesive contact paper.

4. Cut out the white border around the speaker print out. Line up where you want to put it on your box.

5. Using double sided tape (my preference) or glue, adhere the speaker print out to the box.

6. Use the black duct tape to reinforce the print out and add a subtle border.

Here’s a video of me doing it!

Some ideas on how you can use your speaker props!

– Stack them up and embellish with balloons to make an awesome speaker wall backdrop
– Put them around a table and set up a makeshift ‘DJ’ booth
– Use them on your backdrop.

Sustainability Concerns

We’ve been using these speaker for 2 years now, and intend to use them for a few more parties. The boxes, duct tape and contact paper were lying around the house. We did buy some extra to make 2 more this year. When we no longer have any use for them, we will be giving them away on our Facebook party buy/sell/hire group.

, Make a DIY speaker prop for your disco party

, Make a DIY speaker prop for your disco party