By Moments in Vintage

Inspired by the traditional fairy tales of my own childhood, I burned to create a scene that would fire the imagination and transport the viewer to another space and time. To a time when little girls dreamed of fluffy petticoats and hair ribbons and little boys carried frogs and special pebbles in their pockets. Where you could dream anything and make that dream real, at least for a moment in your own little world. When life was magical!

In my special fairy tale world good always triumphs, every girl deserves a fairy godmother and every boy is prince charming. So charming in fact that even the wolf is dazzled by it!

I hope to take the viewer to this special place where they too can believe in their own dreams. Where they can hold in their hearts all that is good in the world.

Set in a clearing in the middle of the woodlands, the trail to Granny’s house nearby, our Little Red Riding Hood and her friends were dressed in our modern interpretation of Victorian style by Vanessa of Vintage Sistas. Their fur capes and lace collars worked beautifully to transport our little angels back in time. Our mini woodsman looked incredibly dapper in his newsboy cap, vest and shorts; handmade by Vicki from Victoria Blue. Our little one’s hair was styled by Khesanh from The Beauty Case and her littlest assistant Lola.

Botanical centrepieces of fern and moss set in silverware on top of rustic wood rounds added a touch of earthy elegance to our red and rustic timber base. A rustic timber cabinet became our drinks station with tasty berry and spiced apple drinks. Story time with Granny in her reading chair was extra special when the wolf came to visit too!

Jocelyn from Memories are Sweet created the perfect paperie. Her storybook invitations with picture sleeves and slide out information cards were a perfect fit for the theme with matching bunting and labels for our drinks station. She also styled our incredible dessert and lolly buffet to perfection with moss rock label holders, tree stump cake stand and miniature picnic baskets.

Our whimsical woodlands inspired desserts were carefully crafted by Saym of Velvetier with an old-fashioned feel. Delicious snail macarons, marshmallow mushrooms, strawberry tarts and monogrammed cookies were only outshone by Saym’s magnificent ‘Slice of the Earth’ cake.

The images were captured beautifully by Lyndal Carmichael Photography, who grasped my vision with passion and as you can see brought it to life even more wonderfully than I could have hoped.

, Red Riding Hood