Gingerbread cake recipe by Commie’s Cupcakes

December 1, 2018 Leave a comment

Is there any other sweet treat more synonymous with Christmas than gingerbread? Gingerbread when it comes in pretty cake form? Even better. This Gingerbread cake recipe is from Amber of Commie’s Cupcakes, and was featured in our Christmas mini mag from 2017. Enjoy this light gingerbread cake perfectly paired with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and walnuts

Karina’s Little Red Riding Hood Party

August 26, 2018 Leave a comment

When Jennifer of Perfect Party Moments in Perth wanted to throw a party for her daughter’s fourth birthday, she knew exactly what to choose. Little Red Riding Hood was her favourite fairy tale growing up, and now, it was her daughter Karina’s too! Enter the Little Red Riding Hood Party… There were a few things

Emily’s magical unicorn party

August 7, 2018 Leave a comment

Aaah unicorn parties! We never tire of them! Plus, it’s now official. Unicorn ain’t going anywhere. It is now so firmly cemented in the ‘party rites of passage’ that EVERY little kid is going to be getting one within the first three years of their lives. Guaranteed! Now, I will let mummy Pascale continue the

Mash it Up: Modern mauve, patterns and brights

June 10, 2018 Leave a comment

It’s been over a year since we first released our digital edition magazines, and now, with the release of our next issue coming up, we wanted to celebrate by showcasing more of the amazing images shot for the magazine cover. Scroll on for some yummy sweets, modern mauve and bright party feels. I especially love

The Reinvention of the Sweet Sixteenth

May 6, 2018 Leave a comment

When I was way younger (in the 80’s), I fondly remember celebrating my older cousins’ sixteenth Birthdays. No doubt movies such as Sixteen Candles were an influence. However, by the 90’s when I got to the age of 16, I don’t remember going to any 16th’s for friends or family. It’s almost like we just didn’t care

Australian Cake Decorating Network Awards Night 2018

February 21, 2018 Leave a comment

At the weekend, we had the pleasure of attending the first Australian Cake Decorating Network Awards, one of the first events of it’s type in Australia. ACDN founder Elizabeth Wright and her team have worked hard over the last two years to bring the event to life, helping to cement their position as Australias’s premier cake

The Naked Cake

June 8, 2016 Leave a comment

One of the hottest trends in the wedding industry, in fact the cake world has to be the naked cake. You may have seen them at weddings, attempted to make one yourself or even ‘pinned’ it on Pinterest. A naked cake features generous layers of cake filled with scrumptious fillings such as buttercream and fruit