For a little girl who is a big fan of fruit combined with her mother’s vision of a fun and summery theme, a Tutti Frutti party was a sweet and innovative way to celebrate Isabella’s 2nd birthday.

Inspired by the current trend of bright and pastel tones along with all the fruits in season, Leo & Bella came up with a great palette for the party; starting with the invitations which boasted big, bold letters in eye-catching colours and cute fruit designs throughout.

The party was set with vibrant and colourful café style seating and the surrounding area was decorated with a kaleidoscope of matching buntings, streamers and honeycomb fruits.

As guests arrived, they were served ice-cold mocktails topped with pineapple and honeycomb decorations. A selection of apple and grapefruit soda and old-fashioned lemonade filled the drink dispensers – both beverages perfect for a summer thirst quencher. Behind the drinks stand, giant letters spelling out the birthday girl’s name in a rainbow of colours was strung up against the fence, complementing the bunting below which was decorated with polka dots and pinstripes.

On the dessert table was the coolest and prettiest cake which had folds of multi-coloured circles made from icing layered on top of each other, creating a stunning frill effect. They contrasted strikingly with the rest of the cake which was completely white and displayed beautifully on top of a blue stand.

Surrounding the cake centrepice were other delectable desserts such as buttercream cupcakes with a variety of fruit toppers; cake pops shaped like pineapples; bubblegum flavoured macarons in orange and lilac; and the most amazing butter cookies all shaped as different pieces of fruit. Strawberry and coconut icy poles were also given to each guest as a refreshing take-home gift.

CREDIT : Leo & Bella (concept, design, cake stands, drink dispensers and paper straws), Ham & Pea Design & Paperie (invitation), Kiss My Cakes (cakes and cupcakes), Dessert Menu, Please  (cookies), Lucky Pops Ice Delights (icy poles), White Sparks Photography (photography).

, Tutti Frutti Birthday