What did you want to be when you grew up?
A reporter on Foreign Correspondent. Not sure you can get much further from florist with that one!

What made you start your business?
It’s something that had been in the back of my mind for a long time, I’ve always been a flower fan. I worked in marketing and visual merchandising previously, so an element of creativity was always there, but the flower aspect just kind of kept moving closer and closer to the forefront over time until I couldn’t ignore it anymore and finally bit the bullet and started my training. And then I took it from there. I’ve never been happier in my working life than I am now, being able to create something beautiful no matter how big or small for the most important times in people lives, and creating with natural element is really a treat.

What’s the most outlandish job/party you’ve ever done?
Not outlandish, but I once did the drive between Penrith and The Oaks via Wallacia what felt like 100 times in one day for one beautiful wedding that I worked on – lucky me it was such a pretty drive – though I can’t say I wanted to do that drive again in a hurry after that!

What would be your ideal party?
I love it when elements with personal significance come together, and when family and friends muck in to help get things done, even if it’s a few small details while florists, stylists, bakers, etc put together the big stuff. It’s the cookies made by your Auntie or the crates that Dad built that make a party alive, the conversation that comes from that puts everyone in good spirits!

And then for my ideal party – a casual, relaxed vibe, great people, lots of fun, fresh food, great music – preferably with trumpets involved! Outdoors, maybe at a farm with a huge bell tent or and old shed for shelter. Oh, and fairy lights, heaps and heaps of fairy lights! And flowers, of course, flowers everywhere!

What makes your business unique?
Florabomb really strives to provide a highly personalised floral service. It’s a move away from very traditional, structured flowers and into fresher, more natural elements coming together. A fun and fuss – free take on parties. And we also supply some styling extras, for clients that want a little more than flowers, but don’t necessarily need a full styling service.

What do you love most about your work?
I love going to the markets to select blooms before the sun is up – I love that while so many people are sleeping there is just so much activity there. I love watching the seasons change through flowers, and I love it when my personal favourites return – first dahlias or poppies or anemones of the season – it’s so exciting!

I love creating and then seeing the final product in place! And then I really, really love the hugs and messages and photos from clients when they let me know they were so happy with everything I’ve made! That feeling is addictive, I admit to high-fiving myself after those!

Who do you admire and why?
Creatively, so many people, though I haven’t met them! Lucy Feagins of The Design Files, for building such a beautiful hub that showcases so many artists and creatives, Melanie Stapleton from Cecilia Fox for her amazing floral talent and the fact the she does that beautiful work whilst juggling a young family – and closer to home all the growers and wholesalers of the beautiful flowers we get to enjoy! Florists may say we’re so tired being up at 4 am to get to market, but they’ve been there since midnight to get their product to us, not to mention all the work they do behind the scenes!

Contact Florabomb
Email: info@florabomb.com.au
Facebook: www.florabomb.com.au

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