A directional sign post is perfect for so many party themes – camping, festival, travel, circus and more! There are plenty of articles online about how to make a DIY directional sign post, but I promise you, this one will be the simplest ever – heavy tools optional!

Note on this sign: this won’t be the type of sign that has 360-degree pointers – it’s intended to be a simple DIY, and to be honest, I feel a basic design like this one photographs better.

DIY directional sign post – easiest method ever!

What you’ll need

  • A flat timber for the stake/pole, something like this
  • A4 foamboard, box cutter to cut to size
  • Adhesive or nails for the timber
  • Your design on self-adhesive paper or normal paper
  • Glue for the design


  1. Buy your stick from Bunnings. It can be purchased by the metre so you don’t need to cut it with a saw or jigsaw when you get home. The reason I recommend this flat stick to use as a pole, one rather than a dowel is that you can use a variety of methods to attach the board to the stick when it is flat.
  2. Cut your A4 foamboard into half. You can cut an arrowhead if you are patient enough!
  3. Print or illustrate your design on A4 paper – don’t forget, you are adding 2 to the page – one under the other in landscape format.BONUS TIP! Some Officeworks print and copy counters offer self-adhesive paper(sticker paper)  in A4 for you to print your designs on! If you need a little help with the file set up, I have created a simple template here for you in Spark Post (Canva alternative you can download on your phone)
  4. Stick your design to the foam board. This is where the sticker paper comes in handy! You could even paint or draw your design straight onto the foamboard and write the words on.
  5. In landscape mode, slice the foamboard in the middle to create 2 signs. If you like you can cut then with a pointer on the end, but I just drew an arrow on my design.
  6. Arrange your foamboard signs as needed, and attach to the stick with double-sided tape, masking tape or blue-tack. You can use a hammer and nail if you wish too, just be gentle so as not to damage the foam.

Easiest DIY directional sign post

How to secure the sign post?

The easiest way to do it is to stake it into the grass, but success depends on a lot of factors. Another idea is the tie it to a pre-existing pole, or stick it to a wall. If your party is outside, this tape is the absolute best and even works on bricks!

Thanks for listening! If you make a sign using this method, please DM me on Instagram, I’d love to see it!

– Maria

DIY directional sign post, DIY directional sign post – easiest method ever! (plus free template)