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How to make Bunny bums AKA Easter chocolate covered Oreos

This is a really easy Easter recipe that kids love to make and eat!

(Makes 6)


1.5 blocks of Chocolate
6 Marshmallows
Oreo cookies
Edible gold paint


Chocolate Oreo mould
Tablespoons and teaspoon
Baking paper

1. Melt roughly 2/3 your chocolate in the microwave. Then add the rest to your bowl and stir until it’s all melted.

2. Spoon 1 tablespoon of melted chocolate into each section of your mould and pop an Oreo on top.

3. Spoon some more melted chocolate on top and around the sides of the Oreo to fill the mould. If it is overfilled, which always happens with the kids helping, you can scrape the excess off with the flat side of a knife.

4. Pop the mould into the fridge to set. While it is setting out some baking paper on an oven or cookie tray and use a teaspoon to make some paws. Pop that into the fridge to set. Set aside the remaining chocolate in the bowl.

5. Once the chocolate is set you can start to assemble the bunnies. Pop the bowl of chocolate back into the microwave to soften it, it won’t need very long. Turn the bunny feet over so you see the flat side. Dab some melted chocolate on to the pointy ends of the paws and then lift the Oreo on top of them.

7. Dab more chocolate underneath the marshmallow and place it onto the chocolate covered oreo.

8. Using the edible gold paint, paint some pad details on the paws.

9. Allow to dry and you have some very cute Easter treats

  Bunny bums - Easter chocolate covered Oreos (Recipe)      Bunny bums - Easter chocolate covered Oreos (Recipe)