Have you met Charlie from ZOOM Images (one of our favourite event photographers)?


Charlie Sleiman is a father of 3 and a husband of 1. For as long as Charlie can remember he has been overflowing with a passion for creativity. In primary school, Charlie was building things when he should’ve been reading things.

event photographers, Meet Charlie, your next event photographer
In high school, Charlie was focusing on making nunchucks and ninja stars (he secretly wanted to be a ninja) when he should’ve been making a mug holder and sandwich cutter. In his adult life, Charlie studied audio engineering early on when he should’ve gotten a ‘real-job’. The consistency – creativity.

Charlie plays and teaches guitar and just loves taking photos both for work (or not work)!

ZOOM images was born after Charlie’s social posts spread like wildfire and people were asking if he could capture their birthdays, their kids’ birthdays, their engagements, christenings, weddings and almost anything.

event photographers, Meet Charlie, your next event photographer

Charlie not only loves creating those moments for people that they can look back on in a day, a week, 10 years time and just smile BUT he is also amazing at doing so!

ZOOM images for Charlie is just as much a creative outlet as it is about ensuring that every captured moment is triggering an emotion of joy, happiness, fun and laughter.

At Confetti Fair we have had the pleasure to work with Zoom Images a couple of times. Our first experience was when Charlie shot our Poker Night styled shoot for Issue 7 of our magazine. It was such a fun day!

Charlie was kind enough to take some shots for us at out Issue 7 launch party even though he was invited as a guest not to work!

event photographers, Meet Charlie, your next event photographer

Charlie is easy to work with and really takes control of the room when he is shooting.


Are you looking for a photographer to ensure that your next event can be frozen in time perfectly?

event photographers, Meet Charlie, your next event photographer

ZOOM images will ensure that your event is captured as it was intended. Whether it be a 1st birthday party, a special occasion, a corporate event or maybe you want to take the family outdoors for some special portraits?

Whether you need someone for an hour or a whole day, their attractive packages will ensure that you don’t have to live on rice and water for the rest of your life.

ZOOM images can help ensure that the event doesn’t have to end after everyone has gone home.

Maybe you are having a product launch, or you want to showcase your work?

ZOOM images also has packages for stylists and advertisers.


Don’t know what you’re after? Get in touch to have a package tailored for you.

Check out ZOOM images and lock in your next event with Charlie! Find ZOOM Images:



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