The popularity of grazing tables doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon. And that’s great, because we love them! Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks we’ve picked up making them, along with some tips from our friends!

tips and tricks for a grazing table, Our favourite tips and tricks for a grazing table at any budget


Our favourite tips and tricks for a grazing table at any budget

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to a base for your graze

Whether you choose a Caesar stone counter, tablecloth or trestle table – it doesn’t matter! There are many ways to conceal less than perfect bases or add texture and height when needed.

We love the Ikea bed table for little mini kids party grazes!

Shaped platters are also fun! If you can’t find any – get creative. Cut your preferred shape out of foam board or corflute and cover it in a food safe material (foil, gladwrap, etc)

If you’re on the look out for timber platters in various shapes, our team can get them custom made for you.

As for other bases, butcher’s paper or tablecloths are both great. These table runners from Lovely Occasions are nicer and thicker than brown paper. They’re 4 metres long – so perfect for a long table or bar. Best of all, they are recyclable!

tips and tricks for a grazing table, Our favourite tips and tricks for a grazing table at any budget


The golden rule – height and elevation

Our friend Roxanne from Lovely Occasions offered us this golden tip –  “Try to create height with boards, boxes or cake stands to create visual interest”. Indeed – these make a big impact and need not be expensive. Just do a search for ‘Kmart stands’ and you’ll find heaps of options. Alternatively, gather some boxes and cover with contact for an uber budget choice!

tips and tricks for a grazing table

Above, see more of this pretty garden party here.

Keep the creepies out

We Aussies love nothing better than an outdoor do, but alas, those annoying flies are always hanging around to sabotage our grazing plans! That’s why we love this other tip Roxanne from Lovely Occasions gave us. She suggests using a Fly Shooaway or hanging mosquito net (super pretty) to keep the nasties out.

Fill in all the gaps

When it comes to grazing platters, filling in all the gaps is key to making it look abundant and adding dimension and texture. Nuts, pretzels, cut up fruits are perfect for this job.

Get creative with options when on a budget

You can get creative and step outside the status quo and use many budget options that guests will love. We ourselves have used pop-corn, boiled eggs, pickles and cut up pita bread.

Make your own dips when hosting a large party

Speaking from experience, tzatziki and babaganoush are really easy to make, guys! You can easily make a large portion and spread them around the platter. And I promise you, home made they taste much more delicious.

Think outside the big supermarkets

Whilst Aldi is my first preference for loading up on entertaining platters, I don’t always get to go. Woolies and Coles have good deals for their home brand goodies. If you are lucky enough to live in an area populated with many people of migrant backgrounds, head to a local IGA, fruit shop or deli – you will not be surprised! You will find an abundance of beautiful cheeses, dips and other goodies that are unique and delicious! My favourite is the tinned vine leaves. The dips are good too. They may not come in pretty jars, but they are always guaranteed to be cheap and super delicious!

Use wooden cutlery as an alternative to labels

This tip comes from our awesome friends at Lovely Occasions! Wooden forks, knives or spoons or knives are great alternatives to using labels! Write allergy, dietary restrictions or names of dips or cheeses on them with your favourite Sharpie or Posca. Unlike labels, they’ll never go missing! Grab some here from Lovely Occasions.


Need some inspo, or wish to find a grazing supplier in your area? Check out this post! 


tips and tricks for a grazing table, Our favourite tips and tricks for a grazing table at any budget