A Wizard of Oz party! Such a colourful theme, and pretty unique too. Here is an awesome DIY to set the scene, by the talented Emily of Arnold Events, your very own yellow brick road!

Yellow spray paint & roller
Black Sharpie
2 x 6m long pieces of carpet rug underlay (the underlay used to stop rugs from slipping on floor that is already carpeted –it’s sticky on both sides)
Small wooden plank

How we did it

1. We started by giving the carpet underlay two coats of yellow spray paint. Luckily it was a sunny day when we did, so it dried quickly.

2. I then sat down and ruled all the individual rows of brick lines. I actually used a piece of wood that I had which was the same size as a standard brick, to line up against the ruler and mark the widths of each brick. This took a while because I am quite the perfectionist, so wanted to rule the bricks basically all individually to get the right effect (I could have done it freehand for the brick widths, but wanted to get it as accurate as possible).
, Party DIY: Follow the yellow brick road

3. We then repeated the above for a second roll of the carpet underlay.

4. When we installed them, we took off one side of the sticky covering and actually stuck it down on the floorboards. It peeled up very easily afterwards with no marks left at all, and I would do it again all over! It stuck flat on their floors which is just the look I was after.

Voila, the finished project!

, Party DIY: Follow the yellow brick road
A pretty good effort for a first take!

, Party DIY: Follow the yellow brick road