It’s super easy to create your own balloon garland with a DIY Balloon Garland Kit from Lovely Occasions! The kit includes everything you need – all the balloons in various sizes, garland strip and easy to follow written instructions. All you need is a balloon pump, scissors and extra string for hanging.

White balloon garland kit from Lovely Occasions
Above, white balloon garland kit from Lovely Occasions

The easiest DIY balloon garland ever

Watch this fun and easy to follow video or use the instructions below to create your garland.

Step 1:
Inflate all of your balloons using your balloon pump. Balloon garlands only require air to inflate the balloons, no helium is needed.

Inflate your balloons to different sizes. Knot the neck of the balloon close to the base of the balloon to leave a long balloon tail.

Step 2:
Tie your extra string to the first hole on your balloon garland strip, and another piece to the last hole on the strip.

This will come in handy when you hand your garland at the end.

Step 3:
Push the end of the balloon (the neck and the knot if you can) through the holes in the balloon garland strip. Mix up the sizes and colours of your balloons and keep the balloons as close to together as you can.

TIP | If hanging against a wall you only need to push the balloons through one side of the strip.

TIP | For small balloons you can tie two balloons together by knotting the necks of the balloons together.

Keep adding balloons until you have filled up the garland strip.

Step 4:
Use left over balloons to fill in any gaps.

Step 5:
Hang your garland and celebrate! Admire your work and be sure to share a picture of your garland with us on Instagram!

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The easiest DIY balloon garland ever, The easiest DIY balloon garland ever