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Moodboard: Yellow party inspiration

June 6, 2019 Leave a comment

It’s midnight and I have the urge to write about some yellow party inspiration! When parties occupy your brain 75% of the time and inspiration strikes, you must act upon it immediately! We recently posted this stunning baby shower, styled by Tica Rose Events in the US. Photo by Imagery by Jules It occurred to

Round-up: Coachella party ideas

April 15, 2019 Leave a comment

Not only is Coachella in full swing, but it has also emerged as a popular theme on our Pinterest this month. So we thought we would pull together a round up of awesome Coachella inspired party ideas! Some of our favourite Coachella party ideas Start with the cake Check out this cute cake duo! View

June’s first birthday fiesta party

March 27, 2019 Leave a comment

Wow! So much colour, so much fun! We recently featured the invitation from this party in the 2019 Party Trend Guide, and upon seeing all the images from the day, I totally fell in love! When choosing pics, I  really do try to keep the posts tight, but what do you do when the colours are

Sienna’s pink, white and gold first birthday

March 6, 2019 Leave a comment

Styled and co-ordinated by Sweet Bits and Pieces, Sienna’s pink, white and gold first birthday party was an event fit for a princess. A perfect and popular theme for a first birthday! Read on for all the details. Sienna’s pink, white and gold first birthday – details Peach, pink, white and gold were the colours

A dugong disco party

February 20, 2019 Leave a comment

Such a unique party idea, and a DIY lovers dream! Welcome to the dugong disco do. Mama Sally of The Party Project takes us through all of the creative DIY projects she undertook for this dugong party! There were two cakes, and for the entertainment, pin the hat on the dugong, a piñata and a

Reasons to hire a party or event stylist 

December 17, 2018 Leave a comment

Did you know that the average person will host an average of 20 events and parties in their life? Well actually, maybe not. Without a doubt though there will be quite a few, and at some point, you will need to hire a party or event stylist. Hiring a stylist for your special occasion means

Andrew’s birthday: a Harry Potter party handmade with love

December 2, 2018 Leave a comment

Is it just me, or is Harry Potter everywhere right now? And of course, the Harry Potter party is ubiquitous as ever too. As I am not currently ‘in the know’, I asked Esther (Confetti Fair boss) who promptly informed me that ‘it must be because The Crimes of Grindelwald is coming out’. Cue confused shrugs

A mermaid themed birthday party

November 21, 2018 Leave a comment

We never tire of a mermaid party! And it’s latest rendition, with an abundance of blues, purples and pinks make it all the more fun! This one was for a special 7th birthday, and the colours were teal, lilac, white and gold. Our guest on the blog today, Andreina Gonzalez takes us through the DIYs and planning.  The

6 awesome dinosaur party DIY ideas

November 15, 2018 Leave a comment

Yesterday we featured the awesome Luxe Roaring Dinosaur party thanks to Angela from Honeypunch. The party featured some pretty cool DIY  projects, which Angela has shared with us. Read on for the roar-some dinosaur party DIY ideas below! Get your craft on with these 6 dinosaur party DIY ideas Party Hats These hats are the

A luxe dinosaur party: Louis’ third birthday

November 14, 2018 Leave a comment

Angela from Honeypunch is definitely one mama to watch! If you’re a fan of her feed (we are!), you’ll know that cool tones and grey vibes are part of her style. So when the time came to put together Louis’ 3rd birthday party, of course, the aesthetic would shine through the styling and the luxe